Side Hustle Bootcamp

Rigorous weekend of practical skills and intensive learning on how to ideate, start, run and get funding for your own tech-enabled business

25 Enterpreneurs | Lagos

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This Bootcamp is not for everyone

You’ve probably heard and read stories of people that have built companies from their garage or bedroom into multi-million dollar companies within a very short time. Companies like Airbnb, eBay, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Amazon, Dropbox..

These companies, though different, follow similar paths to growth and success. The founders all had great ideas that solve a significant problems for a lot of people, validated the idea using technology, had product-market fit and scaled quickly.

The Side Hustle Bootcamp is a weekend of intensive practical learning on how to ideate, start, launch and get funding for your own tech-enabled business. At the bootcamp, you will spend 16+ hours over 3 days to learn to turn an idea into a profitable reality.

This is a Bootcamp (/ˈbuːt ˌkæmp/ - a place where soldiers are trained, consists of many different types of exercise) not a seminar.

Your ideas will be challenged. 

You will be asked to commit to a launch date and execution plan. 

You will be stretched. 

You will be pushed out of your comfort zone.

You will learn new tools, and will be required to utilise them.

The goal of the bootcamp is not to give you another point to add to your resume. If you don’t want to run your own tech-enabled business, this is not for you.

This bootcamp is designed for new entrepreneurs or product managers who want to get into the mindset of successful startup founders; have the tools and expertise required to launch; and have the audacity to win.

The cohort will be limited to 25 people only.

This is not for you if........

  • You are looking for how to make money quickly online
  • You are just looking for investors for your ‘business concept’
  • You are not ready to put in the work to launch a tech-enable business within 6 months
  • Your business is mainly offline and there is no way you can use technology to scale it.
  • You have no clue about digital technology, you don’t have a laptop….you still ‘surf the internet’.

What You'll Learn at The Bootcamp

How To Turn Your Idea to a Business Product

Solid foundations are important. In this module, we’ll focus on bringing clarity to your business idea. Learn how to question your assumptions and hypotheses. Learn how to validate your idea, identify your target market using proven tools and methodologies that have helped other successful entrepreneurs.


How To Turn Your Product Into Profitable Reality

Ideas are overrated. Execution is the game. How do you get your product in front of your target customers? Learn how to build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with the least amount of cost and time required. You’ll come out with a workable plan for your product launch and wow your target customers from day one.


How To Acquire and Retain Customers

Advertising is expensive and highly competitive. How does a startup with limited resources and low brand equity acquire users 10x more than their competition in tough economic times? The answer is not a bigger marketing budget or a better brand, it is growth hacking. Learn how to use social media, data and content marketing to attract and retain customers in the most affordable way.


How To Attract And Manage A Winning Team

Successful startups are more of a football team than boxing. The best companies have a kick-ass team that get things done. Learn how to set a big hairy audacious vision that will get people excited to join and invest in your business. Create a culture that will retain top talents in your company.


How To Raise Money

Every business needs money. However it is more important to understand whether you require external funding and when to raise money.  How do you prepare your business for investment? What are the key milestones you need to reach for every investment stage? Learn how to refine your pitch and secure funding from the right investors.


Action-step Checklists

Each modules will have practical checklists and worksheets to guide into taking actions based on what you've learnt.


Private Mastermind Group

You will gain access to Dotun's private mastermind group exclusively for those that attended the Bootcamp, where you'll get more resources and continue conversation with the cohort. And you will access to the team at Starta to answer any further question you may have or introductions you need.

One-on-One Strategy Session With Dotun

Within 3 months of attending the Bootcamp, you will have up to 45-minutes strategy session with Dotun on your plans, progress and challenges.


Dotun Olowoporoku

I consider myself an accidental entrepreneur. I founded my first business whilst working as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Bristol, England.

I had to quickly learn how to acquire customers, manage a tech team, launch products, grow revenue month-on-month, raise money, hire top management teams, launch across 3 cities in England and form strategic partnerships with multi-billion dollar competitors.

I’ve had my share of business failures and successes along the way. I was the recipient of 2014 Southwest England Breakthrough Business Prize, and was recognised as one of the 42 under 42 most influential business people in Southwest England.

I worked as a Venture Partner at Potential VC, a seed stage venture capital that invests in early stage tech startups in Europe, US and Africa. In the past few years, I have come to realise that some aspects of entrepreneurship can be learned.

I’ve hosted growth hacking workshops across incubators and accelerators in Africa. Last year, I co-founded and hosted the High Growth Africa Summit, we convened over 350 tech founders, and 150 international investors, and brought partners from Google, 500 Startups, Ventures Platform, GitHub


We are not satisfied with just creating value.... we don't stop until we create extra extra value. So we reached out to some of our partners, and we curated business products and services that will help the Bootcampers to get started....or help them scale. 

Here are some of them.... we are still adding more.

N30,000 voucher to spend at Printivo 

Print your business cards, marketing materials, banners with N30,000 voucher to spend at

N25,000 voucher to spend at Sinet Business Hub

Work alongside like-minded people. Get high speed wifi, free printing, free scanning and all day electricity at Sinet Busines Hub Lekki.

Up to $100 voucher to spend at wedogrowth

Get growth marketing experts to write your blog posts and newsletter, build your email lists, manage your social media and paid adverts at

Up to $300 voucher to spend at betaplus

Betaplus help entrepreneurs build minimum viable products quickly by delivering custom web and mobile application within 10 days. Currently in closed beta. Side Hustle Bootcamp graduates get up to $300 credit that can be used to turn their idea into a working product.

Win 1-hour free consultation at The Longe Practice worth N50,000

A chance to win 1 hour consultation with lawyers at The Longe Practice on your business-related legal issues. TLP is a law firm focussed on startups in Nigeria. 

DIYlaw is a platform enabling simple and convenient legal service based on user preference. Get N2000 off company incorporation fees at

Up to N10,000 voucher to spend on HR/Payroll tools at TalentBase

N10,000 off HR/Payroll Management tools and access to free HRIS training/support services at

TalentBase provides you with seemless HR/Payroll Management tools hence taking some burden off you to enable you stay focused on growing your business.

What We've Done

We believe that billion dollar companies will emerge out of Africa built by Africans. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs that will make this happen. We've organised growth hacking workshops, investment networking and High Growth Africa Summit 2016.

No. It’s for anyone that wants to build tech-enabled business. Tech-enabled businesses are not necessarily software companies. They are any business that leverage the internet, social media and mobile tech to innovate their business model, customer acquisition and scale. 

Is the Bootcamp only for technology startups?

Your Questions, Answered

Not really.... except you can use technology to innovate your business model or its distribution. The bootcamp is tailored for those that will use digital technology to grow their business. We don't know anything about poultry farming, and we won't pretend we do!

My business idea is mostly offline, can I attend?

Yes you can, as long as it is an idea that has the potential to scale using technology.

I only have an idea, can I attend?

Winners invest in themselves. It is important that the entrepreneurs that are attending this Bootcamp are committed to their dream enough to pay the tuition fee.

Why am I paying for this?

No you cannot. We need to prepare in advance for the programme. If however, you are unable to pay online, reach out to us to arrange payment via bank transfer.

Can I pay at the door?

No you cannot pay instalmentally. We need to receive all funds on time and at once to lock down your registration.

Can I pay instalmentally?

Unfortunately, the bootcamp is not free, we need you to invest in yourself to be there. We are not able to fund people who want to start a business. If you still can't afford the bootcamp, you can take our pre-launch course here for free.

I don’t have money, I need help and I want to start a business?

No we will not provide accommodation for the duration of the Bootcamp. There are decent hotels around the venue. We will provide light refreshment and drinks, but you will need to sort out your own lunch.

Is food and accommodation provided as part of the programme?

Yes, if both of you are accepted and paying. You may also qualify for group discount.

Can I come with my co-founder?

The programme will start on Friday 6.00PM and end on Sunday 1:00PM

How long is the Bootcamp?

Yes you can.  You don’t have to know a lot about tech, all you have to do is be open to using technology to support and grow your business.

I'm not a techie person, can I attend?

The modules are spread across the three days with equal measures of importance. It is important to participate in all of them to gain as much as you can.

Do I have to attend for the 3 days?

Not really. The purpose of the Bootcamp is not to introduce you to investors. But we will help you prepare your business for investment and offer key insights into raising funds.

Can you introduce me to investors at the Bootcamp?

You can reach out by sending a mail to

I still have questions that have not been answered?

Because of the planning involved and specific preparation for each students, we can only refund if you cancel within 5 days of payment and no longer than 10 days before day 1 of the Bootcamp.

If I cancel, can I get refund?

"It is not the will to win that matters. Everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters"

Paul "Bear" Bryant

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